Nick Campanella

Nick Campanella

  • Associate Tech Writer

Nick Campanella graduated from Queens College with an MFA in fiction writing. He was the youngest in his class and first to graduate. His thesis is an unfinished, novel-length story about a young man from Long Island trying to make a difference in his Brooklyn community after a shooting.

Nick has interned for various companies including Seven Stories Press, Publishers Clearing House, and Tremr. His writing ranges from fiction, to poetry, to creative nonfiction. When his pen isn’t to a notebook, when his fingers aren’t banging on his typewriter, he can be found in the gym, somewhere in the mountains upstate, or binge watching The Office on Netflix.

Read some of Nick's latest articles below:

November 12, 2018

How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to amoCONF

At GetCRM, we’re always trying to get to the latest conferences. We also encourage everyone who can to attend them. There’s always something to learn at these conferences, too. Just being around like-minded people can make the world of a difference when it comes to sparking creativity. We all get caught up in the routines of our lives where we talk to the same people, have the same...
October 26, 2018

Here's Why Freshworks is a CRM Powerhouse, with CEO Girish Mathrubootham

Here at GetCRM, we’re interested in offering unbiased opinions on the huge list of CRM software represented on our site. There are tons of providers that aim to help businesses and organizations of all fields and sizes -- many of those have certain strengths and weaknesses. Few can say they cover all grounds effectively. Freshworks is one of those CRM providers that actually does it all. Are...
October 18, 2018

5 Use-Case Examples of Effective Omni-channel Marketing in Action

It’s no longer debatable that omni-channel marketing is a powerful strategy for marketers interested in optimizing the customer journey. There are many different approaches to omni-channel, and the benefits go beyond marketing. However, first impressions typically matter most when it comes to offering a positive, personalized customer journey, and that’s why marketers tend to benefit so...
October 02, 2018

9 Quick Ways to Tell Your Sales CRM is Hurting Your Sales Performance

Sales CRM software is a powerful system and platform for businesses interested in optimizing their sales funnel and overall performance, but sometimes it can get in the way of what you’re trying to accomplish. Sales CRM software takes all the data your sales team acquires and turns it into reports, automates time-consuming tasks such as follow-ups, and organizes contact data for agents to keep...
September 27, 2018

Why Your Small Business Needs Sales Force Automation Software

Sales force automation software is used by sales teams to optimize their sales strategy by offering agents powerful automations to streamline certain processes. This makes it easy for businesses to create optimized workflows that ultimately improve the likelihood of increasing conversions. Some use CRM software; however, there are subtle, but significant reasons for using one sales CRM software...
June 26, 2018

Freshworks Reaches $100M in Annual Revenue, Announces Freshworks 360

Freshworks is continuing to reinforce their dominance in the CRM space by announcing they've reached $100 million in annual revenue while also announcing Freshworks 360, a "fully integrated cloud bundle that brings together sales, marketing, and support applications to provide users with a full, easy-to-use customer engagement experience." Let's take a quick look at why these two announcements...
April 25, 2018

Intercom vs Zendesk: The Ultimate Head-to-Head Showdown in 2018

Intercom is a relatively new customer messaging software interested in improving the customer experience via messaging platforms, team collaboration products, and a valuable knowledge base solution. They’ve recently received $125 million in funding, which seemed to get everyone’s attention. Intercom plans to put this funding into research on machine learning technology instead of simply...
April 13, 2018

Insightly Announces Enterprise-grade Dynamic Customization Features

Enterprises who use Insightly can now take advantage of new dynamic customization features that allow users to better engage their customers in a more personalized, contextualized fashion, ultimately improving the customer experience and buyer’s journey. Insightly is aware of the role customers play in today’s trust economy, and they’re allowing businesses who are also aware of the...
April 03, 2018

What to Look For in a Sales CRM Dashboard

The key to a successful dashboard is being able to organize it in a way that best fits your business’ needs. It’s not enough to purchase a sales CRM software. Agents typically have a hard time adopting the software because they don’t know how to use it in a way that works with their strengths. In order for sales agents to ensure they don’t just use their sales CRM software as a place...
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