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Provider Overview: Zoho Campaigns is a business software provider offering businesses a wide variety of products ranging from CRM...
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Provider Overview

Provider Overview:

Zoho Campaigns is a business software provider offering businesses a wide variety of products ranging from CRM software to finance software. Their products benefit from multiple integrations and apps to make user experience much more efficient. Zoho Campaigns is a private company with many business partners, which means they have the ability to keep prices low. They offer a free version of their CRM software, and a pay-as-you-use plan, which is unique. Ultimately, their goal is to provide businesses of all sizes with affordable business software.


Zoho Campaigns Pricing and Services


Intended Customers:

Businesses of all sizes, but with an emphasis on small businesses.

Free Trial:


Free Version:


Features Included in All Plans:

Features Pay-As-You-Use Monthly Subscription Forever Free
Email Newsletters Yes Yes Yes
Mailing List Management Yes Yes Yes, for 2,000 contacts
Email Marketing Yes Yes Yes
Marketing Automation No Yes No
Opt-In Confirmation Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Marketing Yes Yes Yes
Campaign Tracking & Reporting Yes Yes Yes
Developer API Yes Yes Yes
Integrations Yes Yes Yes

Additional Features:

For a complete list of Zoho Campaign’s features, click here.

All Available Plans & Pricing:

For more on Zoho Campaign’s pricing plans, click here.

Help & Support Options:

Contact Zoho Campaigns 24/5

USA: +1 (888) 900 9646
UK: +44 (20) 35647890
Australia: +61 (2) 80662898
India: +91 (44) 67447000

Zoho Campaigns also offers the following help and support options:

  • Providing users with a user’s guide
  • Providing users with an API guide
  • Providing users with a deliverability guide
  • FAQ’s
  • A community blog
  • Forums
  • What’s New? updates
  • Webinars
  • Downloadable E-books
  • Video Tutorials

For more details on Zoho Campaigns’ help and support options, click here.


Editor’s Bottom Line of Zoho Campaigns


Zoho Campaigns is like many available business software providers. They offer tons of features that help automate the sales and marketing process, they have tons of integrations that emphasize their strong understanding of the significance of user experience, and they do it at an affordable price for businesses of all sizes.

The first thing that jumped out to me was Zoho Campaigns’ extensive list of help and support options. They have offices worldwide and numbers to reach them twenty-four hours a day, five days a week. They also give users all kinds of guides to ensure they are getting the most out of their software. On Zoho Campaigns’ website, they also offer webinars, e-books, and video tutorials on their products. If there is every a problem, they leave users with enough information to confidently tackle the problem themselves; however, if they are unable to solve them, there are numbers to call in all corners of the world.

Zoho Campaigns’ list of features also jumped out to us. Everything is clearly laid out on their website so users understand which plan would fit their business’ needs best. For example, they offer a chart on their website that breaks down what each plan offers. Their three plans are pay-as-you-use, monthly, and free forever, and all three surprisingly offer almost all the same features with a few minor exceptions. Your best bet is to go with the monthly plan if features-provided are high on your business’ list of priorities.

Finally, Zoho Campaigns’ pay-as-you-use price plan is unique for a number of reasons. One, few places offer that kind of plan. Many offer plans where businesses are billed monthly or yearly, but it’s not common to find a price plan as flexible as Zoho Campaigns’. This shows that they are heavily interested in working with small businesses because small business owners have a better understanding of what their business actually needs. They don’t want to pay too much for features they’ll never use. Zoho Campaigns lets business owners pay based on the amount of business credits they use/wish to use.

Overall, Zoho Campaigns is a versatile option for businesses of all sizes to consider. They have multiple, affordable price plans to choose from, with no significant gap in features available. The features they provide are in line with what other business software providers already offer, but their low cost and sheer quantity of features provided makes them a serious option worth considering.

  • Zoho Campaign Template Editor
    Zoho Campaign Template Editor
  • Zoho Campaigns Performance Overview
    Zoho Campaigns Performance Overview
  • Zoho Campaigns Subscriber Overview
    Zoho Campaigns Subscriber Overview
  • Zoho Campaigns Campaign Preview
    Zoho Campaigns Campaign Preview

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